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Instructions of Agario in great detail

When you visit the website, you are told the instructions in three simple sentences. The first one says that you can control the cell movement using your cursor. The other two tell you that the cell splits with Space button and that you can lose mass using the ‘W’ key. This actually sums up the whole functionalities of this game. But you would need a lot more to get a good score in this game. You need to know under what circumstances you should use these options. Don’t worry about that, because we are going to tell you all about it here. So, just sit back, relax and read everything that is described below.


The first instruction is quite clear. Your cell moves in the direction of your cursor. At any time, the direction of movement of the cell can be represented by a straight line joining your cursor and the center of the cell, technically speaking. If you want it to be stationary, due to some reason, get your cursor at the center of the cell.


When you press the Space button, your cells gets divided into two equal halves and one of them is ejected in the direction of your motion at that time. The part left behind soon catches up and the two cells then move together. The split is generally done to catch a small cell and eat it. You will have to be very accurate about your direction to pull that off. And the weight is reduced using the W key just too be lighter and gain more speed, in order to catch a smaller cell or get away from a bigger one.

One thing that no one will tell you about is the cheat. This piece of code can make the game very easy for you.